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January 11th, 2018 by admin

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In our 25 years of business, we have striven to fit our services and support plans to the needs of our customers. That includes providing superior customer service and expert technology support, whether the task at hand is large or small. When you select one of our three different service plans, you benefit from reduced costs and a 2-hour emergency response guarantee, ensuring that you get timely fixes to any IT issues.

In addition, our Premium Services Plan has 24-hour coverage and offers unlimited remedial on-site service calls, no labor charges to repair or replace faulty equipment or parts, and unlimited phone support. If you only need support during regular business hours (8am-8pm Monday to Friday), then you might be interested in our Standard Service plan, with unlimited remedial on-site service calls and no labor charges to repair or replace faulty equipment or parts. We also offer a Time and Materials Plan which offers coverage from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excludes holidays). No matter which plan you select you are always assured our best quality service!

Our service plans are designed to improve and maintain your IT solutions so that you can rely on a stable and well-performing system to support your business. By signing up for our ongoing support plans, you can count on us to provide unparalleled service.

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