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Winter Edition
Volume 1, Issue 3, March 2015

“Providing Outstanding Service Since 1992”

Officer's Message

Enzo Stampone
Enzo Stampone, owner

2014 was a good year for Entel Systems. We celebrated our 22nd anniversary; bought a major New York telecommunications company; and successfully merged the two corporate cultures. There were a few growth bumps with the merger but we got past them and are now energetically moving forward to significantly grow our New York account base and increase corporate revenues in 2015.

In 2014 Entel also grew from being the largest Toshiba Dealer in New Jersey to the Largest Toshiba Dealer in the tri-state area. For that, we must thank our loyal customers for their continued support and the new customers we added along the way for this success.

The outlook for the new year is positive. The economy has improved; technology spending is up; we have a dedicated team in-place and a full portfolio of outstanding products and services. Additional acquisitions will also be considered as a strategy to increase account base, corporate foot print and revenues.

From a business partner perspective, we are proud of our long-standing Toshiba affiliation and our Shoretel relationship was strengthened when they requested Entel join a select few high potential partners to participate in a special sales program for their Shoretel Sky Cloud Based VoIP Program.

The Hosted/Cloud solutions we offer have become significant due to recent turbulent economic times, making it difficult for businesses to effectively expand their operations. In fact, our corporate culture appears to be transitioning to prevailing cloud based options and our customers are embracing this technology.

Many businesses are looking to expand their reach and improve capabilities without having to spend a lot of start-up dollars in case changes need to be made or service has to be scaled. Hosted/Cloud based solutions are now providing advanced technologies without greater capital expenditures. In 2015 we will continue our long-term partner strategy of listening to our customers and providing them with a wide range of options for their and our continued growth and success.

Featured Customer: United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) was founded in 1949, when parents of children with cerebral palsy came together looking for help, answers and information. The spirit of that watershed moment has permeated UCP's policy efforts from the organization's inception.

Since its founding, UCP has been a voice for issues important to people with disabilities in the 1950s and '60s. UCP raised awareness about horrific conditions in state institutions, leading to the liberation of thousands of people with disabilities from institutional living nationwide.

Not only did UCP shine a light on this injustice, its affiliate network created new housing and support solutions to ensure greater independence and full citizenship for people with disabilities.

That combination of advocacy, strategic policy direction and providing services that maximize independence is a hallmark of UCP's efforts to this day.

Entel Systems has been the telecommunications coordinator for UCP since 1999. Entel handles the wiring and Toshiba telephone systems for many of their sites in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Entel has relationships with all the site facility managers at these facilities and in corporate with Ken Pratt – Director of Administrative Operations and Jim Brown – Chief Information Officer.

Quote to Remember - Albert Einstein

“Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree,
it will spend the rest of its life thinking it's an idiot.”

Featured Partner: Toshiba — The Power of Choice


Toshiba offers VoIP communications solutions that fit your needs. Their award winning products offer unified communications, video conferencing and collaboration, networking, mobility and customized features and applications for maximum productivity. Choose from: IPedge a pure IP, server based voice communication system; StrataCIX a converged IP voice communications system that also accommodates the connection of digital telephones; or VIPedge, their interconnect VoIP solution. Toshiba's customers have the ability to migrate their systems, retaining much of their initial investment. Toshiba also offers the industry's only seven-year manufacturer's extended warranty.

Featured Employee – Edward Kastor

Edward Kastor
Edward Kastor

One of the main reasons for Entel Systems' success is its reputation for outstanding customer service and one of the mainstays of the service team is this edition's Featured Employee – Ed Kastor. Ed is well known by the Entel customer account base since he is one of our most senior service employees and has been with the company since 1997.

Ed began his career in the telecommunications industry in 1984 as operations manager for Telephonics in Maywood, New Jersey. From there, Ed moved to Precision Interconnect in Saddle Brook, New Jersey as a service technician and remained until 1997 when he joined Entel Systems as a service technician. He has been with the company ever since and presently serves as a senior project manager.

Married to Mary Ann for 26 years, the couple met while both working at Telephonics. They have two children – Edward and Allison and they live in Monroe, New York. In his spare time, Ed enjoys boating, gardening and refinishing furniture.

Ed is professional in technical skills, appearance and demeanor and is well liked by Entel customers and employees. Many of those customers have taken the time to write the company expressing their appreciation for his efforts on their behalf. Because Ed's talents have played such a critical part in Entel's success, we thank him and make him our Featured Employee for this Winter Newsletter.

Dr. Phil's Tech Corner

Phil Penzo
Phil Penzo, Operations Manager

Recent news, articles about companies being hacked have been front page news. Companies such as Chase Bank, Target, Home Depot, and lately Sony have all come under attack. This problem is not only faced by large companies, small companies face the same threat.

Individual persons or groups can hack into a company by following an internet on VOIP (data or communication) stream from anywhere in the world. Once a data network is compromised a company's sensitive information is at their disposal.

The same holds true if a hacker breaks into your communication systems. Hackers can make thousands of dollars in fraudulent calls and even sell the access to your system to others and the dollar amount can skyrocket.

What can be done?

Making some basic changes to your PBX and Voicemail system may help. To help prevent hacking...deactivate unused features and mailboxes, change default passwords from mailboxes. Have your carrier restrict overseas calls if your business allows. Most importantly limit or remove out-dialing from the voice mail system as this is the most common way a system is compromised. There is never a 100% way to prevent an attack but with an ounce of prevention a pound of cure is possible.

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