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Business Phone System Leasing allows you to have tax benefits with lease payments – your payments may be fully deductible.

Please fill out the credit application and we can get you started. We even have leasing options for new start up businesses.

We can help you get the equipment you need… when you need it.

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Why Lease?

Because Leasing…

  • Conserves Capital
  • Offers a Convenient Application
  • Includes Potential Tax Benefits
  • Preserves Bank Credit Lines
  • Gives Flexible Payment Options
  • Allows for Easy Upgrades/Add-ons
  • Provides Quicker Approval with Fewer Hassles

Why Marlin Capital Solutions?


  • Submit Lease Applications
  • Calculate Lease Quotes
  • Check out our Leasing Plans
  • View Your Account Information
  • Download Lease Documents
  • Complete All Necessary Paperwork
  • and much, much more!

You want to work with leasing individuals who truly understand your business and the unique needs and concerns you face. You want to work with leasing experts who are creative, responsive, resourceful, committed and available. You want to work with leasing partners who build relationships not just business deals. You want to work with Marlin Capital Solutions.

Contact us now to…

  • View our Leasing Plans
  • Use our Quote Calculator
  • Complete Lease Documents
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